Thursday, July 29, 2010

Better Bad Choices

Today marks a new chapter for "Only You Suffice."

And what is this chapter?  

Well, I'm glad you asked.

It's about nutrition.  And making better choices for the foods you eat.  If you visit the Health page, you can see the whole story of what this new beginning is about.  

But now I'm going to tell you why I've decided to start documenting personal choices in food.  Early in the summer, I posted briefly about the swimmers on the team I was coaching and their epic cramping stories.  Poor kids.  Well, I decided their eating habits were not up to par with the kind of exercise they were putting their bodies through.  the fuel they provided the engine did not live up to what the engine needed.  

A few people expressed interest in hearing about my nutrition philosophies.  So, I'm sharing them.  

The key to my decisions?  


It's seriously that simple.  Like if you are going to snack (i.e., me around 4 yesterday afternoon), don't take the easy way out and stop at Arby's and get some curly fries. ( I was tempted.  Oh, so tempted!)  Eat fruit.  It's something we all need in our diet, and really, your body knows what to do with better than fried potatoes.  Trust me.  Anyway, I opted out of the easy drive-through option...and took the one where a little more effort was involved.  Peaches!  MMM, they were juicy and delicious.  And yes, I ate two.  I was pretty darn hungry!  

Another example?  L and I went to see Inception last night (totalling my 3rd movie for the week since Saturday), and we grabbed ChicFilA for dinner.  I opted out of regular lemonade for diet lemonade.  It was a small choice, but it can make a difference.  

All of these different choices really add up.  I'm going to start posting more and more of these options.  And in the process, I'm hoping for more accountability because of it.  If what I eat goes on the internet, it means I need to be smart about what I put into my body.  

Now, take into consideration that I'm not a nutritionist nor do I plan on becoming one.  I'm just trying to make some healthy life choices and share them to help others.  

What better bad choices did you choose today?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just a Quickie

Just a few things I'm really enjoying today:

1. My new turquoise nail polish from Target :)  It makes typing more fun.  Not sure how, but I like it a lot.

2.  The Notebook gets me every time!  Such a sweet story of love and happily ever after.

3. York peppermint patties pieces.  Dangerously addictive dark chocolate with a hint of mint.  Love these!

And it's Tuesday.  So that's fun.

BTW, I'm becoming a dog-sitter extraordinare if anyone needs me to dog/house sit, I'm reasonably priced and I even clean!  Just a shameless plug for my new job :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July 3rd

I'm in a house with 4 dogs, 2 turtles, 2 sea frogs and a bearded dragon.

So I'm not really alone.

But I am.

My sister and her husband are visiting this weekend.

But they're in Spring.

So here I sit with all of my "companions".

And my best friend moved to China yesterday.

And I'm all alone.