When I was in high school and an avid swimmer and athlete, my year-round swim team had a registered dietitian and nutritionist come to meet with us.  He probably talked a lot about this and that...blah blah blah.  It was so exciting.  And I didn't care.

Now that I've been "done" with swimming for over 5 years, the only thing that I remember from this man is his motto, "Make better bad choices."

Make better bad choices?  What could that mean?  Well, the example he gave and I will also use was milk. Milk is good for can have a lot of fat in it, which, I think, why he said it was a "bad choice".  Anyway, he basically said that if you are going to drink milk, choose skim.  You get the benefits of the dairy without the unnecessary fat that goes along with any other option of milk.  You want chocolate?  Add a non-fat syrup to your non-fat milk and not the stuff the grocery stores sell.  That kind of chocolate milk is chock-full of sugar and fat.  And really, you can make non-fat chocolate milk and it maybe won't taste as good, but you'll feel better when you aren't carrying around a lot of extra weight further down the line.

So, basically, the posts listed below are ones where I have decided to publicly declare, "I MADE A BETTER BAD CHOICE!"  Kind of interesting, no?  I hope you can also benefit from this frame of mind.  And I'm hoping that if I'm conscious about posting my "better bad choices", my body will also thank me for it later.