About Me

Well, hello, there!

I'm so excited to see that you've come to see my little part of the world wide web!  I've recently had my blogging interest rekindled, so I'm remodeling, editing, and creating new ideas every day. 

The goals I have in mind for my little portion here are as follows:
process of growing up.
becoming an adult.
my journeys.

Some of the things I really enjoy about different blogs is the stories about real people's lives: the lessons, the cooking adventures, random every day life events, etc.  It connects people together who might not be able to otherwise meet.  Blogs can definitely speak truth, and then they can be so confused that it's hard to follow where the writer's head is leading.  I would hope that my blog is the former...but if the reality about myself points more to the latter, so be it.

Thanks for visiting.  It honestly excites me to have visitors!  Don't hesitate to contact me with suggestions or comments. 

With love,