Friday, August 20, 2010

My Favorite Time of Year

Allright, so today I was rolling through my Google Reader and noticed that several people are talking about the seasons and which ones they love.

At A Country Farmhouse, she mentions how she's loving eating outside during the summer.  Granted, if you live in the right part of the country, I'm sure that would be enjoyable.  But live in Houston...and it's a nightmare.  Mosquitoes, humidity and sweat join you for dinner.  And there's that little (or big!) guest called Mr. Temperature.  He's planning on being over 100 in the next few days.  Although August in Houston is not fun, there are things I enjoy about summer: the smell of freshly cut grass, the smell of tanning oil (it reminds me of the beach!), eating things fresh off the grill (yum!!!), and being able to wear shorts and t-shirts.  Sweating in the heat is not number one...but jumping in a pool is right up there!

At The Cluttered Corner, she talks about fall and how she loves it.  And yes, I can see the appeal: Mr. Temperature decides to take a break, the sweaters get to come out of hiding, and the leaves start to change color (depending on your location!).  Here, in Houston, we kind of skip Fall and go straight into Winter (if that's what you can call it down here).  Things I do love about Fall include the crisp air.  We probably won't get any here until late October, but at least it might be here for a month!  It's also permissible to start listening to Christmas music - which is one of my favorite genres!  My mom refuses to listen to it until after Thanksgiving...which I happen to believe is too little time to enjoy the fullness of all of the great carols and hymns out there.

So far today, I haven't read anyone's post about Winter or Spring...but I'm sure it will come later when it gets closer.  As we start to transition out of summer and into fall (crossing fingers here!), I'm gonna have to say that Summer is my favorite out of the two.  Indeed, it's hot.  And you sweat.  But the days are long and the sun is out for much longer than any time of the year.  To be honest, it's the thing I love the most about Summer.  Or maybe Spring because I feel that Summer is coming...

Anyway.  What season do you enjoy the most?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Literary Update

Maybe I'm trying to get in all the reading-for-fun that I can before school starts again.  I really enjoy reading...and I'm addicted to my Kindle.  The link is actaully for the new generation.  Only a kindle owner for 8 months, and they've moved on to the new generation?  Technology...

While on vacation with my family a week ago, I was trying to finish a book that I had found on Amazon for free. It was possibly the longest book I've ever read.  It took me about 4 months to finish it - and that's reading consistently before bed each night.  But it was written in a different language.  I mean, it was English.  It was just a different form of English.  To Have and To Hold was written by Mary Johnston in 1900.  I've read Jane Austen, and the writing style of Mary is quite different.  Jane can be hard to read if you're not 100% clued into what is happening.  With Mary, you just really have to be willing to follow a language that has long been lost.  Overall, I enjoyed it...I just wish it hadn't taken me so long!  The plot is somewhat long and drawn out.  I think the one aspect I enjoyed the most was that it took place in Colonial America before we had won our Independence from England.  I have become fascinated with this time period!

The next book I started was Charlie St. Cloud by Ben Sherwood.  Now, I only read this book because I discovered that the movie was based off the book.  I was interested - and it was a quick and easy read compared to my previous book.  The next step is to see the movie.  When I find the free time.

Immediately after finishing Charlie, I started A Passion Most Pure, which is set back in the time of WWI.  I'm finding my favorite novels are historical fiction.  This one is also Christian - so it's not like other romance novels out there.  It's very tasteful.  This book is written by Julie Lessman, and is the first in the series of 3 books.  I finished this one this morning...and bought the second one earlier this evening.  The first one was long and involved, but the writing really drew me in and I really didn't want to put it down.  My family will tell you - every evening this week (except for tonight), my nose has been glued to my Kindle.  I just couldn't get enough.  And of course it leads into the second naturally I want to read the next one in line.

Welp, that's the update on my reading adventures.  I also saw Inception twice in one week.  If only that movie was based off a book.  I think I'm getting to the point in my life when I would rather read the books than just watch the stories on the big screen.  The books are seriously always better, but they take more time to enjoy.

Being a Nanny

Ever since I finished my anatomy class back in July, I've been taking care of the G kids.  Their mom is a partner in my mom's firm...and because of several different factors, they asked if I would be willing to entertain said kids for a few hours each day this summer.

Let me just start off and say that this was quite the time commitment.  It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to just get to their house...and then added travel time to the activity and back home...for me to fight rush hour traffic every evening to get back home for dinner.  This opportunity has definitely been a blessing.  Please don't misread what I've said.  Yes, it takes a lot of time (averaging about 6 hours a day) and lots of driving...which means lots of gas and lots of $$ spent on gas.  Sigh.  But, I was able to pay for tickets to Midland in December for one of my best friend's wedding without dipping into my savings.  When you don't have a full-time job after having one, it's difficult to budget for items like that.  It also allows me to purchase the dress for said wedding sans-debt.  Whoop!

Along with the extra cash flow, this job has clarified that I am not supposed to work with children in their pre-teen years.  M is 9, A is 10...enough for me to be quite stern at times.  I'm pretty sure I've never heard them stop talking.  It's absolutely amazing to me how two little girls can talk so much!  And the topics - so random. Today, at lunch, the topic jumped from Miley Cyrus to being put in jail for egging a house.  As you can see, there's no rhyme or reason to the conversation.  I think I need some adult time ASAP!

Good thing I'm going to CS this weekend to see some precious ladies.  I'm excited for this quick trip.


What would really happen if the people we thought we knew well were honest?

How would our own walls crumble when we heard of the revealing brokenness of others?

I believe our world would be better for it.

The truth of our ugliness set before others.

The state of my heart at this moment?

It feels black.

And that's about all the honesty I can bear to share right now.