Friday, January 15, 2010

Lessons of the Day

Things I learned today:
  1. Oliver whines quite frequently when you are not focused on him 100%.
  2. Oliver only settles down and sits when you sit with him. 
  3. It's hard to do laundry with Oliver when he steals your socks.
  4. Oliver likes to curl up in blankets.
  5. Oliver is spoiled by his mom, Jules.
  6. Oliver gets tired really early when he's out of his crate all day.

This is an older picture of Oliver from the fall.  That purple toy is now missing a leg...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Middle Child Syndrome

I'm a middle child and approximately 3 years away from either of my sisters.  On my drive to have lunch with my little sister L earlier today, I was thinking about something she mentioned to me around Thanksgiving of last year.

Our oldest sister, A, was coming to visit my parent's house with her husband and dog-child for the holiday.  It was going to be a family reunion of our immediate family - and L was concerned that as the baby, she would be merely forgotten.  She was convinced that because our parents don't have the opportunity to see A very often, the attention would be focused on the eldest.

Me with A
As a middle child, I couldn't even see how this could be an issue.  L's the stinkin' baby of the family - and she has my parents wrapped around her little finger (most of the time).  Maybe my perspective of being in the middle for about 19.5 years has allowed me to see objectively.  My parents don't practice favorites (or try not to).  The reality is that they get to see the youngest children more because of mere proximity. 

L and Me

Maybe I'm just used to being ignored, as the MCS suggests.  I don't hate it.  I don't believe I'm mistreated.  The middle is comfortable.  I don't really ever feel I'm not completely convinced this syndrome even exists. 

There go my random thoughts of the afternoon.  Thoughts?

p.s. would it be too late to do a review of the decade/year?  I can't decide if I would like to partake of that trend...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Poor Toe!

This weekend, I got to travel over 500 miles around the eastern side of Texas.  The main intent was to see these two handsome people get married:

(sorry for the blur)
Success!  Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Craig Jennings! 

On Friday night, I went to Dallas to stay with my sister and her husband.  Saturday morning, I walk from their kitchen table into their couch (ouch, there was definitely a crack there...) and into the kitchen.  This was a complete accident, I promise.  I apologize for the next photos...and the gross toe nails.  I need a pedicure badly (anyone want to help a sister out?!?!).

Saturday night.

Sunday night.

Back in the 7th or 8th grade, I broke this same toe.  And I had a cast up to my knee (growth plate stuff) for over a month.  Now look what I've gone and messed up.  According to my mom, I should never walk around barefoot because this is what happens.  Hopefully, the doctor will be able to see me tomorrow and i will know if it is indeed broken.  Until then, I now know not to wear 3" black heels for over 5 hours.  I will be the one limping into work tomorrow does a baby toe hurt so stinking bad?!

Again, apologies for the pictures.  It wasn't really my best weekend behind the lens...

Saturday, January 9, 2010


today, i happened to be in quite a strange, but good mood.  there's not really a reason.  i woke up a little later than i would have liked, showered, packed for my trip north, etc.  normal things.

maybe it's because i got a medium vanilla latte at mcdonald's for only $3 (which, btw, tastes a lot better than starbucks, if anyone asks).  maybe it was the cold weather.  i got to wear my A&M fleece today because it was friday - so that was an easy and comfortable wardrobe selection.  katy and i laughed a lot on the way to work this morning...

and then i got off at 3 pm.  glorious!  ran an errand to bed bath & beyond - got this really nice looking man to check me out of the store.  went home, talked to jules, packed the car, got gas, and left town.  then here comes the funny part.  i made a couple of wrong turns along my route to I45.  hehe.  so i drove for about 2 miles down a dirt road (why i kept going is beyond me).  the pot holes in the road made me slow down a whole lot.  honda civics were not made to handle a dirt road with pot holes.  just saying.  oh yes, all this is happening and jesse mccartney starts playing on my playlist.  haha.  it was too darn funny to me.  i passed a few trucks and the men waved.  how great!  anywho, i eventually turn back when it looked like a dead end and figure out where i messed up - and finally make it to the correct road.  then i continue along my journey. 

i wasn't really excited about all the driving i've elected to doing this weekend (it's like about 400 miles or something), but once i got going, i really didn't want to have a destination.  it was really nice to be able to think freely and have something to do (focus on my driving, of course).  last year, i rarely left home...and it felt soooo good to get up and leave, if only for about 30 hours.  i'm actually looking forward to the 7+ hours i'm driving tomorrow.  on a normal day, i would most definitely complain.  but as i've said, today was not normal. 

the other thing about today is that the time has passed by so quickly.  maybe it's because i didn't actually wear my watch.  but today is no longer today - it's actually yesterday.  and today was tomorrow...and will soon be yesterday.  i'm thinking it's time to curl up and dream about how my brother-in-law made a video of me playing the wii while flapping my wings like a bird.  it's going to turn into a nightmare...